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List Peralatan Laboratorium Teknik Sipil yang kami sediakan

Drying Samples
- Laboratory Ovens
- Hot Plate
- Air Dryer
- Microwave oven
- Melting pot
- Climatic chambers
- Muffle furnaces

Weighing Samples
- Electronic analytical balances
- Electronic top loading balances
- Battery operated balances
- Standard calibration masses
- Specific gravity

Sample grading
- Sieves
- Sieve shakers
- Wet washing sieves
- Bar sieves
- Riffle boxes and sample splitters

Field classification, sampling, and preparation
- Soil sampling - Augers and samplers
- Water level indicators
- Pocket penetrometers and vane testers
- Field inspection kit
- Dynamic penetrometers
- Extruders
- Soil lathe and trimmers
- Sample mixers and soil cutter

Moisture content
- Moisture determination balance
- Desiccators
- Universal carbide meters
- Speedy moisture testers

Laboratory Classification
- Specific gravity
- Liquid, Plastic and shrinkage limits
- Sedimentation / Hydrometer and pipette methods

Chemical Tests
- pH Papers and meters
- Chloride and Sulphate content determination
- pH Meters
- Water test kits
- Soil colour charts

Soil Mechanics 
Consolidation systems
- Front loading oedometers
- Continuous consolidation apparatus
- Hydraulic consolidation

Residual shear strength apparatus
- Shear testing machines
- Large digital shear box
- Laboratory vane apparatus
- Torsional shear apparatus

Triaxial tests/permeability
- Triaxial tests
- Triaxial load frames and accessories
- Triaxial cells and accessories
- On sample measurement transducers
- Pressure systems and related apparatus
- Water de-airing system
- Volume change measurement and air compressors
- Pore water pressure measurement
- Specimen consolidation
- Permeability cells for normal and contaminated soil samples
- Determination of permeability in triaxial cells
- Unsaturared testing

Effective stress/stress path automatic triaxial testing
- Automatic Triaxial System
- Automatic Data Acquisition and Processing
- Automatic Triaxial Configurations
- Transducers

Acquisition system for soil mechanics
- Geodatalog (with DATACOMM software)
- Geo-Analysis templates
- Electonic transducers
Advanced soils testing
- Cyclic/Stress path triaxial system
- Cyclic simple shear

Compacted road base and subbase soils
Unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures
- Proctor rammers and moulds
- Automatic compactors
- Vibration compaction hammer
- Relative density test set
- Moisture condition Value (MCV)
- Compaction penetrometer

CBR-(IBI)*Immediate Bearig Index
- CBR equipment
- Loading presses
- Multispeed tester
- Field CBR apparatus
- Accessories to perform Uniaxial and Unconfined compression tests
- Impact soil tester
- Determination of strength of stabilised soil
Field and laboratory density / bearing capacity
- Sand replacement method
- Balloon method
- Surface soil sampler (core cutter) method
- Field density of undisturbed soil
- Plate load testing
- Measurement of a rolling load deflection by the modified Benkelman beam
- Dynamic deformation module of soils

- Constant and falling head apparatus
- Determination of dispersibility
- Compaction permeameters and stands

Rock Testing
Rock mechanics
- Rock sampling and sample preparation
- Strength and deformability tests
- Automatic tests systems
- Elastic modulus and strength characteristics of rock specimens in uniaxial and triaxial conditions
- Hoek cells for triaxial tests
- Semi-automatic test systems
- Classification tests
- Splitting tensile test
- Slake durability index
- Permeability of rock
- Behaviour of joints
- Measurement of shear strength
- Roughness measurement.Profilometers
- Tilt test
- Strength index (point load)
- Rock classification hammer

- Riffle boxes (sample splitters)
- Sieving method.Test sieves, nominal size of apertures
- Determination of particle shape
- Flakiness and elongation index
- Shape index
- Assessment of fines.Sand equivalent test
- Assessment of fines.Methylene blue test
- Determination of clay, silt, and dust
- Determination of the efflux index

- Resistance to fragmentation (Los Angeles)
- Crushing resistance of lightweight aggregate
- Abrasion resistance of natural stones
- Resistance to wear (Micro-Deval)
- Aggregate crushing value
- Deval apparatus
- Scratch hardness ASTM method
- Aggregate impact value
- Determination of the voids of dry compacted filler
- Aggregate density by water displacement.BS method
- Determination of loose bulk density and voids
- Determination of the particle density
- Determination of particle density and water absorption
- Determination of Abrasion Value (AAV)
- Surface moisture of fine aggregate.ASTM method
- Moisture measurement
- Determination of the Polished Stone Value
- Skid resistance and friction tester
- Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing - Climatic Chambers
- Magnesium sulphate test
- Determination of drying shrinkage
- Determination of resistance to thermal shock
- Chloride content BS 812
- Organic impurities in fine aggregates
- Carbonate content of aggregates
- Potential reactivity of aggregates
- Sample reduction.Laboratory crushers

- Compression and flexural testing machines
- Automatic testing systems

Fresh concrete testing
- Workability and consistency
- Slump test
- Flow table test
- SCC Self compacting concrete test
- Degree of compactability
- Vebé test
- Kelly ball method
- K-Slump method
- Gyratory compactor for NO Slump concrete
- Analysis of freshly mixed concrete
- Water testing
- Density of fresh concrete
- Unit weight measures
- Air content of fresh concrete
- Setting time by penetration

Hardened concrete testing 
- Concrete mixers
- Cube cylinder and beam moulds (metal)
- Plastic cube and cylinder moulds
- Concrete compaction : Vibrating tables; Poker vibrators
- Curing tanks
- Moist curing rooms, test set
- Accelerated concrete curing
- Specimen grinding
- Specimen cutting
- Cylinder capping equipment
- Density of hardrned concrete
- Surface water absorption
- Depth of penetration of water under pressure
- Hydraulic shrinkage determination
- Expansion of mortar and concrete

NDT / Protection and repair of concrete structures
- NDT testing
- Concrete durability evaluation :
- Chloride ion penetration
- Half cell potential test
- Cover measurement
- Metal location in concrete
- Carbonation test
- Chloride content
- Resistivity test
- Surface dampness
- Permeability of concrete to oxygen
- Water penetration
- Water and gas permeability
- Flexural, longitudinal, torsional resonance
- Concrete hammers
- Pull-off strength
- Pullout force
- Microcore method
- Ultrasonic pulse velocity testers
- Ultrasonic and rebound measorement
- Ultrasonic crosshole test system

In-situ evaluation of stress, structural inspection
- Crack width monitoring gauges
- Length changes
- Crack measurement microscope
- Flat jacks
- Deflectometers
- Digital instrumentation for testing structures

Physical and chemical properties of cement
- Cement samplers
- Specific gravity (Relative density)
- Hydraulic shrinkage
- Soundness of cement and hydrated lime
- Carbon dioxide content
- Expansion of Portland cement
- Air content of mortar
- Pat test for soundness of hydrated lime and gypsum plasters
- Fineness of cement
- Bulk density and water retention of cement
- Cement water retention
- Heat of hydration of cement
- Loss on ignition

Setting time and consistency of cement
- Setting time and consistency of cement – Vicat method
- Automatic Vicat apparatus
- Standard Vicat apparatus
- Setting time of cement. Gillmore method
- Flow of mortars
- Workable life of mortors

Building lime, grout and mud testing
- Consistency, air content and water retention
- Flow, Reactivity, Bulk density of building lime
- Bulk density of lime
- Yield of lime
- Flow properties of grouts, muds and other fluid materials
- Fly ash determ., consistency and swelling ratio
- Sand content of drilling muds
- Water permeability
- Determination of fineness by wet sieving
- Carbon dioxide determ., Filtration behaviour, soundness
- Filtration behaviour of drilling fluid

Determination of cement strength
- Mortar mixers
- Jolting apparatus
- Preparation of 40x40x160 mm cement prisms
- Preparation of 50 and 70.7 mm mortar cubes
- Curing of specimens
- General purpose water curing bath with cooler unit
- Compression and flexural testers
- Automatic testing systems
- Load frames (Compression testing Machine for Cement)

Steel and Miscellaneous
Universal testers. Steel mechanical testing
- Multiensayo electromechanical testers
- Tension and compression tester for field and laboratory 500/1000 kN cap
- Computer controlled universal testing machines
- Electronic coaxial and standard extensometers
- Cold test bending
- Uniframe universal compression testers
- Testing machines for flat specimens and tiles

Analysis of bituminous mixtures
- Soluble binder content, Hot and cold extraction methods
- Separation of mineral matter, Centrifuge extractors
- Automatic binder extraction
- Asphalt binder analysis - Ignition method
- Bitumen recovery
- Determination of the maximum density
- Determination of the affinity aggregate/bitumen
- Binder drainage from porous asphalt
- Asphalt temperature measurement
- Solvent recovery

Design and testing of bituminous mixtures
- Marshall stability (ASTM-AASHTO methods)
- Automatic compactors
- Marshall stability (EN method)
- Gyratory compactors
- ILS Internal angle measurement apparatus
- Vibratory compactor
- Water sensitivity, indirect tensile strength, Marshall test
- Tensile splitting devices
- Marshall tester (EN)
- Laboratory mixers
- Bitumix, automatic laboratory mixer
- Water baths

Rheologic properties of bituminous mixtures
- Static and dynamic systems
- IMACS, Integrated Multi Axis System
- Servo-Pneumatic testing systems
- Servo-hydraulic testing systems
- Test modules and accessories
- Environmental chambers
- Triaxial test on Unbound materials
- Buyers guide
- Stand alone Beam Fatigue Apparatus
- Test software for dynamic asphalt testing systems
- SPT, Simple Performance Tester
- Dyna-Comp, pneumatic roller compactor
- Dyna-Track, wheel tracking apparatus
- Tensile splitting device (CNR)
- Duriez

Asphalt and road quality testing
- Indentation Penetrometer
- Particle loss (Los Angeles)
- Sampling by coring (Pavement core drilling machine)
- Tests on slurry seal mixtures
- Rate of spread apparatus
- Vialit plate
- Electromagnetic asphalt density meter
- Skid resistance tester
- MOT straightedge
- Sand patch apparatus
- Travelling beam device
- Benkelman beam apparatus
- Bulk density by specific gravity frame
- Permeameters

Testing bitumen and bituminous binders
- Sampling bitumen and oil
- Penetration of bituminous materials
- Softening point: ring and ball method
- Water in bitumen
- Residue on sieving
- Degree of solubility
- Particle charge of cationic emulsified asphalt
- Emulsified asphalts-residue
- Breaking point.Fraas method
- Kinematic and dynamic viscosity
- Rolling thin-film oven
- Thin film oven
- Rotary evaporation apparatus
- Standard TAR/BRTA viscometers
- Engler viscometer
- Saybolt viscometers
- Settling and penetration power of bitumen emulsions
- Breaking value of cationic bitumen emulsions
- Flash point by tag open and closed cup tester
- Hubbard-Carmick pycnometers
- Storage stability of asphalt emulsions
- Wilhelmi softening point
- Ductility
- Distillation of cut-back asphalt
- Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV)

Measuring instruments
- Verification of force transfer
- Strain gauged column
- Digital instrumentation
- High capacity strain gauge load cells
- Serial printers
- Low capacity strain gauge load cells
- Strain gauges
- Linear potentiometric transducers
- Pressure transducers
- Electronic instrumentation. Data Logger
- Load measuring rings
- Assessment of flatness, perpendicularity and straightness of test specimens and moulds
- Dial indicators
- Digital dial indicators
- Digital thermometers
- Digital timers
- Humidity and temperature measurement
- Mechanical watches and stop clocks
- Speed measurements

Core drilling equipment
- Portable universal core drilling machines
- Heavy-duty universal coring machines
- Coring bits and accessories
- Pavement coring machine

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